Thank heavens for small miracles…

11 Jun

The senate today voted down a resolution to require windfall taxes on oil companies.  Thank heavens for small miracles.  I was driving to work this morning and heard the news report that the matter came up for a vote today.  I was really angry and said to my wife, with whom I have the pleasure of commuting everyday, “I am really pissed off about this.”  I am a little guy, our family income is not great, I drive a big pickup and get 15 miles to the gallon, and I suppose the dems in the senate thought they would be doing me a favor to stick it to the big oil fat cats.  Little do they seem to understand that the oil companies are not going to be paying the windfall tax; we are.  Oil companies will simply raise the price of gas to offset the tax to the extent possible, and you and me get stuck with it.

What a relief to hear that cooler and calmer heads ruled supreme.


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