Again I ask “Whose to blame?”

18 Jun

The AP reported on Tuesday, 6/17/08, that President Bush is seeking a lifting of the moritoria on offshore drilling for oil in response to the skyrocketing gas prices.  And again, congression democrats, and a handful of republicans, seek to thwart the effort.  According to the AP “Congressional Democrats, joined by some GOP lawmakers from coastal states, have opposed lifting the prohibition that has barred energy companies from waters along both the East and West coasts and in the eastern Gulf of Mexico for 27 years.”  And what of Mr. Obama?  “Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate for president, opposes lifting the ban on offshore drilling and says that allowing exploration now wouldn’t affect gasoline prices for at least five years.”

You may reference previous posts to this blog to see just where the democrats stand on energy independence and security.  It ain’t pretty. 

Mr. Bush also wants to lift the ban on ANWR, a move the John McCain, the apparent heir to the republican nod for president, opposes.  (Who are the knuckleheads that voted McCain, anyway?)

Sound minded, conservative, patriotic Americans will raise their voices to congress and demand that we begin using the oil that is within our boarders to stabalize and reduce prices at the pump, and provide security and independence, something worthy of the greatest nation on earth.

(AP article here:


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