Whose coast is it, anyways?

19 Jun

Gov. Arnold (r, but in name only) declared today “California’s coastline is an international treasure. I do not support lifting this moratorium on new oil drilling off our coast,” the governor said in a statement after President George W. Bush called for lifting a moratorium on offshore oil drilling along the coast of California and other coastal states.

    “However, I do welcome the national discussion about how to lower the cost of gasoline,” said Schwarzenegger, a Republican” (in name only).

The governator supports electric car technology, along with bio-fuels, however.  The problem with electric cars is that unless we boost production of nuclear power, the electric cars are most likely going to run and power derived from coal powered plants.

The argument that oil rigs are a potential spill waiting to happen is a farce.  Everyone cites 1969 as the disaster to be afraid of in the future.  We are talking about something that happened one time 39 years ago and has not happened since.  Even the rigs off the coast of Louisiana were unscathed in the worst hurricane, Katrina, to hit the gulf in a very, very long time.  Oil rigs are safe, create a new habitat for sea life, and provide much needed relief for the country from foreign oil rip-offs.

Its time to tell Arnold we are a knoyd, and we’re not going to take it anymore!


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