Offshore Oil Deposits- a strawman argument

21 Jun

In debate, there is a category known as logical fallacies, and among them is the strawman argument.  One will set up a “strawman” argument as a serious possibility to the other side’s argument, and then knock it down.  Such is the case with Offshore Oil Deposits.  Because there is such a limited supply of offshore oil, one will argue, we must not even consider offshore drilling as realistic.

However, offshore is only one piece of the puzzle, as I explain in my comments to a rather biased piece in the South Jersey Courier-Post (

“The focus seems to be only on drilling the offshore reserves and in ANWR. However, with coal to liquid fuel, a process perfected in South Africa 50 years ago, we can have as much as a 250 year supply of fuel. With mining oil shale in Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming, we can bolster our reserves of usable oil by 1.5 trillion barrels. The resources in the United States far outweigh the resources in the middle east.

“Yes, we do need to consider alternative sources of fuel (but not the corn2ethanol boondoggle), but the day that we are driving wind-powered cars is not going to come. Even electric cars require a power source that is usually from a coal-fired power plant.

“Anyway, we need to educate ourselves, and a great place to start is

Drill and Mine US Oil—Buy and Refine US Oil! (copyright”


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