McCain offers $300 million for a battery

27 Jun

Which is why we are in trouble if McCain gets elected.  I can go to the local hardware store and buy one for $1.50.

No, all kidding aside, I am very conservative, which is why I find McCain’s idea balderdash.  If there is currently the ability to come up with the next great battery, the free market would take care of it. 

I know I sound like a broken record, but I am going to pound my fist until I am heard- Drill and Mine US Oil–Buy and Refine US Oil.  Our future rests in independence and security, which will only come from using our own resources and going back to the fearce, rugged independence on which this great nation was founded.

Now, I am not against alternative fuels to help fill the gap, and even remove some of the waste we currently fill landfills with, but come on, oil is king, and we have lots, and lots, and lots of it.  We should be using it.

Any I am not alone in my thinking.  Stop by Pajamas Media for a piece on McCain’s battery proposition. (


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