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About Knoyd

10 Aug

Several months ago my wife and I determined that, with respect to the rising cost of gas, to bring whine (no, its not mis-spelled) to the table without cheese was simply not acceptable.  In other words, it was not enough that we merely complain about the high price of gas.  Unless we were willing to put some kind of effort behind affecting the price positively (in a downward direction, not the steady increase too many on the liberal left desire), we needed to just keep quiet and pay the price.  Never being one’s to keep quiet, we went out and bought 100 t-shirts that read “Drill and Mine US Oil!–Buy and Refine US Oil!,” and turned our family website “” into our own grassroots effort to help call attention to the fact that we must draw upon the natural resources available in the US to fuel our economy, and more importantly to fuel the push for democracy throughout the world. 

Now to the name knoyd (pronounced noyd, as in annoyed)- each letter is found in the first name of at least one member of our family.  As it turns out, and we did not know this previously, Knoyd is also a place in Scotland.  It is exactly fitting, however, to our cause.  Our motto has become “if you are not a knoyd, you should be” indicating a desire on our part for a mass of US citizens to join the cause, speak out and speak up, and let congress know that we are annoyed by their relentless pursuit of the status quo when it comes to drilling and mining US oil reserves.

We invite you to join as a member and participate in this necessary debate.  We applaud those who have brought cheese to the table, and ask that you spread that cheese around to your friends and family.