Campaign for Liberty- Ultimate Astroturfers!

8 May

Little did we know when the MSM was speaking of Astro-turfing the Tea Parties by the Republican party that Ron Paul and his Campaign for Liberty was knocking at the back door, having already laid the sod for a take-over.  With only a few hours digging, I found the following bits of information that strongly suggest that Campaign for Liberty and Ron Paul seek to exercise control over the message that is put out through the Tea Party efforts, and why any true grassroots organization or organizer should exercise extreme caution.
In an April 14th, 2009 interview, Montel Williams spoke with Ron Paul, Honorary Chairman of the Campaign for Liberty, “You know, I wanted to ask you what you think about this tea party phenomenon.”  Mr. Paul replied by stating “Yeah. You know, in one way, it’s a mixed blessing because if you start something, you like to see it spreading. You like to see a lot of people join, but if the people who are joining are going to dilute it and change the message, then that wouldn’t be very good. So I think our job is to make sure that the people who are joining now and claiming that they are unhappy with the government, say the right things and do the right things and support the right positions.” [i]
On the same day, John Tate, President of Campaign for Liberty, a Ron Paul front group, stated “Thousands of tea parties and protests will take place tomorrow in opposition to the dangerous policies being pursued by the federal government. If you are attending any of these activities, I encourage you to distribute our educational and action-oriented handouts to fellow citizens also disaffected with the current economic situation. Additionally, be sure to read some very helpful advice for effective grassroots activity at these events from our very own Adam de Angeli.
It is critical to make those attending the tea parties aware of the culprit behind our country’s economic woes – the Federal Reserve. While the elimination of the income tax is a noble and necessary goal, we must understand that our efforts will be in vain if we do not deal with the silent, destructive tax of monetary inflation. Dr. Paul’s bill, HR 1207, requires a legitimate audit of the Federal Reserve System.” [ii]
Then we have the following press release was distributed by Campign for Liberty to be release on April 15, 2009-
“For Immediate Release
April 15, 2009:
ARLINGTON, VA – As activists across the country hold national tea parties, Campaign for Liberty president John Tate issued the following statement:

“The concept of the modern day Tea Party began on December 16, 2007 when supporters of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign came together and raised over $6 million online in one day. The tremendous success of that event led activists in the freedom movement and members of the Campaign for Liberty to begin planning today’s Tax Day Tea Parties.
“Success always brings company, and it is very positive that so many conservatives, libertarians, Republicans, constitutionalists and even progressives have come together and joined our efforts. All Americans who are sincere about cutting out of control government spending are welcome to stand with Dr. Paul and the Campaign for Liberty as we fight to take our country back.” [iii] 
Referenced above is the State Coordinator for Michigan, Adam de Angeli.  In his powerpoint Creating a Successful Proposal, he lets his constituents know that “…it is a major—not ancillary—goal that this project serve as a recruitment vehicle for the Campaign for Liberty.” [iv]
And then there is this, an absolute must read, posted on Campaign for Liberty’s website-

“Success with these new groups, start with how you approach the leaders.  If you have the thought in your head that you are going to take over right from the start you will run into big defensive walls and will outcast yourself rather than make your self a credible leader!  Go to the meetings and start to lay the ground work and show them that you are in this to work hard for the cause, and they will put you in a leadership position.  They will start to respect you and listen to your experiences.  Let them benefit from your experience and then lead them to the Campaign For Liberty.

“My experience thus far has been very rewarding and I’m in my first week working with this “New Blood”.  When you begin to work with them don’t throw the C4L down their throats right from the beginning this is something that will take patience.  You are so excited to tell them what they are looking for is right here, but let them get through their meetings with their agendas throughout the meeting you can through (throw?) little nuggets in the conversations that in your experience over the last few months or years that you have been involved with various other movements.  Let them ask you don’t tell them.  Just give small amounts of information that peaks their interests.

The bottom line is take advantage of this new movement!  They need us and we need them!  If you establish yourself as a true patriot and leader you will have enough influence to direct our new friends towards the C4L and make a larger more successful impact next time you talk with your local politicians.  Good luck and enjoy the new relationships you will create while you involve yourself into their agenda’s.  With a little bit of time you will be helping to create the Agenda!” [v] (posted by Jake Mabus, IL 19th Regional Coordinator, Campaign for Liberty)
We must not allow Campaign for Liberty and the Ron Paul organization take control of the Tea Parties or 9-12 events.  Restoring the constitution to its original size and scope must be our goal, and it must be pure and true without intervention by any politician’s organization. Do not be led astray!

Kelly Knight
Copyright, 2009

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[iii] (Official Statement from Campaign for Liberty as retrieved on 05/08/2009 from, with a link to that requires a membership login to read.)
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