Time for Constitutionalism…

10 May

The Constitution of the United States of America is that document by which all laws that restrain federal interaction in the lives of its citizens and proscribe the several and separate roles of the three branches of the federal government is based. It is multi-partisan and unifying in nature. In the years since it was ratified, political parties have come and gone; Whigs, Torreys, Democrats, Republicans, Communists, Socialists, Independents, and the list goes on. Political philosophies which include liberalism, progressivism, conservatism, socialism, and communism run throughout the United States citizenry, which is as it should be; we have no rights to limit conscientious thought, nor should we.

However, increasingly society has divided along two lines. Statism, a term ascribed by author and constitutional scholar Mark Levin, can be defined as a belief that the federal government is the solution to all problems, individual or otherwise (Levin, Liberty and Tyranny, 2009). Conservatism, which is the other side of the line, calls for less government intervention in the private sector. In both, however, a reliance on the federal government to set the terms is evident. The conservative movement is as guilty of overstepping the role of the federal government as statists and liberals are. Both demand greater regulation in the affairs of the governed, just in different forms. Amnesty for illegal aliens, which devalues citizenship for those who do it correctly, was a conservative push in the Reagan era. The demand for conscripted higher taxes on the wealthy to provide for the poor is a statist position. Neither are founded in the constitution. In reality, there is little difference in the work done by politicians on both sides of the line. For the most part, what can be done to solidify control and power to the federal government and the governing class is the course of action those in office will undertake, whether their name is followed by a D or an R.

The time has come for the restoration of a philosophy that dates to the founding of this great nation- Constitutionalism. While the concept has been around for generations, never has its importance been greater than it is now. As defined by this author, Constitutionalism is a belief that the federal government must be restored to the original size and scope the Constitution of the United States outlines. Constitutionalism is a position that cannot be argued, unless one believes that an overthrow of our federal government is in order, and the direction our future should take. One cannot have both sides of this issue. Either one supports and defends that Constitution as written and amended from time to time, or one believes it is an outdated document and no longer needed or valid.

If you believe that statism, the absence of a constitutionally based federal government, and a rule of law that is ever changing to satiate the appetites of the governing class is the future you want for your children, then you seek the status quo in Washington. Mind you, the status quo in Washington is constantly changing, an interesting paradox.

On the other hand, if you believe in a solid, unchanging rule of law that restricts government intervention in your life, that puts money back into the hands of the governed by reducing the size of government to the original scope the Constitution establishes, and that removes the impediments of over-regulation, you seek Constitutionalism.

Now is the time to choose; do so wisely.


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