A litmus test for legislation…

24 May

It seems safe to say that the federal government has far exceeded the size and scope originally intended by the US Constitution, and our job is to let them know.

This might be an effective 1-2 punch:

1. Let state legislators know that we favor a 10th Amendment endorsement by all states to defend and support State Soverienty rights. A number of states have already voted affirmative on measures like this. Taking back that which rightfully belongs to the states is a good idea and should be promoted.

2. Ask our federal legislators to use a litmus test on every single item that comes to a vote in the House and Senate. That litmus test asks one simple question: “Does this measure fall within the guidelines established by the US Constitution?” If it does not, it must be voted against.

Finally, the knock-down punch: As has many an activist done, we must paint those who believe that it is okay to continue growing the federal government in a very negative light as “Anti-Constitutionalists.” The battle now is between “Pro-Constitutionalists and Anti-Constitutionalists.” Choose ye this day…


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