Mr. Baucus, This is Completely Ludicrous!

19 Mar

Mr. Baucus,

You made the following statement regarding AIG “This is completely ludicrous. I literally can’t think of enough adjectives to describe how mad I am, how mad Montanans are and how mad Americans are. For AIG to give these bonuses is stupid, irresponsible and unethical. I’ll not stand idly by while reckless CEOs pull such outrageous shenanigans.” (, 3/18/2009).  On the other hand, you have taken $91,000 from AIG for your campaign over the last several years, receiving $24,750 in the 2008 election cycle alone.  That, sir, is ludicrous and outrageous!  And to feign ignorance is absurd in light of the fact that AIG’s troubles have been known for at least a year, during which time your campaign will have received funding.

The further states that you said you are “exploring several measures to impose heavy taxes on the bonuses to help recoup the taxpayer funds that went to AIG. One possibility, he said, is imposing an excise tax, which would amount to a tax on the transaction between AIG and each executive who received a bonus and levied on both the individual and the company.”  This will be a direct violation of the constitution you have sworn to uphold, and a violation of the good conscience of reasonable men and women. Article 1 of the U. S. Constitution, Section 9 clearly states: No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed. No Capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken.”

Have you placed yourself so above the law that you are now no longer beholden to the law?  Do you honestly believe that the constitution is only so much toilet paper to be wadded up and flushed down the toilet into the cesspool that has become the federal government?  Mr. Baucus, in the words of Ronald Reagan, you, sir, are not the answer to our problems, you are the problem.

I hereby challenge you to exercise a morsel of conscience and moral rectitude in your legislative acts, or be replaced.


A Good Use for Obama T-Shirts

16 Mar

The people believed in Obama’s message of change- they bought Obama t-shirts to express their support

They bought t-shirts to express their support for change- They found they were left with only change in their pockets

They found they were left with only change in their pockets- they held a yard sale to raise much needed cash

The held a yard sale to raise much needed cash- where they sold their Obama t-shirts. (R. A. Tillinghast, 2009)

Help Defeat H.R. 45- An attempt to further regulate handguns

26 Feb

The House is working a bill through the commerce clause to require federal licensing, with photo ID, of all handguns currently in the possession of citizens, and for all future sales.  We must defeat this bill!.  Please contact your representative and let him or her know this is simply unacceptable.  To see the actual text of the bill, go here>

About Knoyd

10 Aug

Several months ago my wife and I determined that, with respect to the rising cost of gas, to bring whine (no, its not mis-spelled) to the table without cheese was simply not acceptable.  In other words, it was not enough that we merely complain about the high price of gas.  Unless we were willing to put some kind of effort behind affecting the price positively (in a downward direction, not the steady increase too many on the liberal left desire), we needed to just keep quiet and pay the price.  Never being one’s to keep quiet, we went out and bought 100 t-shirts that read “Drill and Mine US Oil!–Buy and Refine US Oil!,” and turned our family website “” into our own grassroots effort to help call attention to the fact that we must draw upon the natural resources available in the US to fuel our economy, and more importantly to fuel the push for democracy throughout the world. 

Now to the name knoyd (pronounced noyd, as in annoyed)- each letter is found in the first name of at least one member of our family.  As it turns out, and we did not know this previously, Knoyd is also a place in Scotland.  It is exactly fitting, however, to our cause.  Our motto has become “if you are not a knoyd, you should be” indicating a desire on our part for a mass of US citizens to join the cause, speak out and speak up, and let congress know that we are annoyed by their relentless pursuit of the status quo when it comes to drilling and mining US oil reserves.

We invite you to join as a member and participate in this necessary debate.  We applaud those who have brought cheese to the table, and ask that you spread that cheese around to your friends and family.

Nuclear mini-me’s

17 Jul

I remember when I was probably 12 years old, a member of my church congregation was an engineer at a nuclear facility under construction south of my home town of Greeley, Colorado.  He invited my family to come to the plant for a tour.  The plant is not a large plant, like the one near Phoenix, AZ, just a nice small facility.

So on the way to work the other day, my wife and I were talking options in energy and I expressed my thoughts that what we need in the US are a whole bunch of small nuclear plants, perhaps 2 or three in each state.  No only would this employ people in constructing and running the plants, but would be a safety feature.  Take down one huge plant and you have a problem.  Take down one small plant, and there or two or three around it to get the job done.

Anyway, my wife sent me an email yesterday for this very idea as proposed in Popular Mechanics.  Check it out here.

More on Energy Solutions

15 Jul

In an article of the same name, Dan Scandling comments on the new Manhattan Project for Energy Independence as outlined by two members of congress, Randy Forbes and Frank Wolf.  While I might applaud the desire, and even give a one-handed clap for the seven goals outlined, energy independence, and security, are right around the corner, and can be done with existing resources.  At today’s rate of consumption, we have a 240 year supply of oil from oil shale, and a 250 year supply of liquid fuel from coal.  We don’t have to spend millions and millions of dollars and wait 10 years to achieve independence, we can do it today by tapping these vast resources.

Mind you, I have no problem with alternative forms of energy; my home is not going to be powered by a gas generator anytime soon, unless someone can figure out a muffler system that works better.  Cars are not going to be powered by wind generation or nuclear fusion, and the trucking industry is not going to transport your goods and mine to market by way of solar power.  However, if we can identify those resources that best fit a specific need, and make them specialists to that need, we might make really good progress; Gas for cars, regular and bio-mass diesel for trucks and trains, solar and wind for the home, and bugs that poop oil for the farm.

Drill and Mine US Oil–Buy and Refine US Oil!

12 Jul

US Energy Independence and Security comes from a three-fold mission:


The United States of America


1.  Has a divine destiny to defend democracy in every nation that currently embraces democracy, and promote democratic principles where tyranny and dictatorship runs supreme.  This cannot be accomplished while the US is beholden to the very tyrants against whom it fights.


2.  Has energy, whether from oil, bio-mass, coal, or nuclear power, as the life-blood of the US economy.  The effects of skyrocketing fuel cost have a direct impact on the affordability of food, clothing, and shelter for every citizen, rich or poor.  We must bring down the price of energy without further delay.


3.  Energy policy plays a vital role in the creation of thousands and thousands of jobs.  The oil shale fields alone can produce enough oil to replace our current imports and do so for 240 years.  This is a minimum of 5 generations of employment for families in CO, UT, and WY.  We have 250 years of coal supplies that can be converted to liquid fuel, and produce thousands of jobs.


It is time for liberal politicians to severe ties with fascist, economy-wrecking, pseudo-environmental groups and begin to do what is in the best interest of the whole of the citizens of the United States.  It is time for conservative politicians to stand and make a very vocal demand for energy independence and security.  And it is time for every citizen to follow in the footsteps of Patrick Henry and declare that “Should I keep back my opinions at such a time, through fear of giving offense, I should consider myself as guilty of treason towards my country, and of an act of disloyalty toward the Majesty of Heaven, which I revere above all earthly kings.” (Patrick Henry, 1775, House of Burgesses)